Week 1 Picks and Predictions

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Sound the alarm. We are back, with a great slate of Week 1 games.

We have a couple games with serious implications to the College Football Playoff:

6. Washington vs 9. Auburn

14. Michigan at 12. Notre Dame

Loser of both of these games will need to run the table for the rest of the year in order to have a shot at the Playoff.

We also have a number of story lines to pay attention to:

Oregon State at 5. Ohio State

We all know the situation going on at OSU, and I’m sure the players at OSU are glad they can finally play a game and not have to focus on the Urban Meyer/Zach Smith story.

Akron at Nebraska

Scott frost returns home to Lincoln. The atmosphere will be awesome and there is a promising future for Husker fans.

FAU at 7. Oklahoma

Lane train versus Boomer Sooner. This game should feature little to no defense, so if you like scoring tune in at noon.

21. UCF at UConn

Civil ConFLiCT need I say more.

Plays this weekend:

Michigan at Notre Dame -1

Wake Forest -6 at Tulane

Western Kentucky at Wisconsin -35 (bought 1/2 point)

App State at Penn State -23.5

Akron at Nebraska Over 55.5

Akron at Nebraska -26

UMass +18 at BC

Texas at Maryland Over 52.5

UNLV +26.5 at USC

Good luck this weekend. Cheers.

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